Наконец-то я могу представить вам интервью моих любимых ребят - Swingdigentes для Dorohins.com!!! Я знакомила вас с ними раньше, а теперь они сами расскажут о себе..)
Swingdigentes - команда музыкантов и танцоров, выступающая на улицах Европы,  уже снискавшая популярность в Австрии, Испании, Турции и мечтающая посетить Россию.
На наши каверзные вопросы смогли ответить очаровательная девушка – менеджер и по совместительству оператор этой группы – Du Shana и улыбчивый и энергичный танцор– Roborob.

Ребята, для начала расскажите нам, когда и как была основана ваша группа? У кого из вас возникла идея по ее созданию? (Guys, at first, tell us about how and when your group was formed? Who had the idea to create it?)
Du Shana. The group was formed in the End of October 2011, Valentin and I made one street art project in Madrid called STREETLIFEMAD (http://www.streetlifemad.com). In this project the dancers and the percussionist came together, later ….in the finals days of this project we meet the musicians, who called themselves Swingdigentes and we tried together…so in 2 days there was the magic, the show and the formation. That’s simply it.
Roborob. For one year we continue without Valentin and DuShana. One time we rehearsal in a little house in a mountain for more than a week to focus on the show. Most of the show was created in this house in Asturias (North of Spain). Fall and winter was hard to make street shows, but the job done you can see. We try to do shows in other cities like Logrono, to test the show with other public.
Valentin write us in summer of 2012 to do a tour around Austria and Istanbul. It was incredible. He came to Madrid 15 days in June to practice and learn the show and the end choreography and create some news. And in July we start the tour in Austria.
Почему вы назвали группу «Swingdigentes»? Кому пришла в голову эта идея? (Why did you name your band is Swingdigentes? Who came up with this idea?)
D. «Swing», because the music it Swing orientated, «ingdigentes» in Spanish means “homeless people”. The musicians called themselves like that before.
R. Mainly, I think, Nata (Nata Estevez – saxophonist) put this name in a reunion and we likes this name.
Мне известно, что вы – интернациональная команда, пожалуйста, расскажите нам кто откуда? (I know, that you are international crew, please tell us where you from are.)
R. Dario (flute) – Mexico, Filgue (percussion), Sebas (guitar), Chirly (guitar), Roborob (dancer) from Madrid and Funktastic (Cadiz) Spain, Valentin (dancer) – Austria and Shana (manager, photographer) – Croatia.
Как вам удается, живя в разных странах, оставаться одной командой? (How do you, living in different countries, be a team?)
D. Difficult….still it works, but we have to improve J  we travel to rehearse…we plan and organize via internet of course, but it’s our first year, so we are in the beginning, we work constantly on discipline and to organize better each time. It’s also a question of money to travel for the rehearsal…which for street artists is not always easy.
Как мне известно, у вас тур по разным странам. В каких странах вам удалось побывать? И какие моменты тура вам запомнись больше всего?  (As far as I know, you're on tour to different countries. Which countries have you been? And what of the places you find most memorable?)
D. The tour 2012 was based in Austria, but we started the tour in Turkey, Istanbul. From 19. – 27.7. we were there…after this we played in Austria only ( Klagenfurt, Salzburg, Graz, Feldkirchen, Villach, Linz). Now the musicians are playing in Belgium and the Netherlands…
As I explained in the question before, for me Istanbul was the most interesting city… which is very hard for doing street shows. The police are rude as they tend to stop you in the first 15 seconds… they chase you away all the time, and also for the aspect of money it’s kind of tough…
R. I remember a lot of shows. I remember the cold in winter in Madrid, We did shows when its raining, or we did shows inside the metro.  Sometimes we don’t can do shows because the police don’t give us permission. In Spain no exist this permission. I try sometimes to take one permission but it’s impossible.
I remember the show in Galata Tower (Turkey). The dancers had to improvise choreography with a drunken man and a dog like a game because they kept both enters in the show. This things happens when you performance in the street. Sometimes you have a drunk, dog, police, old men... and sometimes at the same time! Like in Galata tower!
  But the most interesting is when the people tell you things, your thoughts, your experiences or desires of being able to do things that they have not done and when they see the show, they admire you for being able to do what you want.
Вы когда-нибудь были в России? Что вы знаете о нашей стране? (Have any of you already been in Russia? What do you know about our country?)
R. No, I never was there, but I would like go. I do not know much, but I would love to know the country, especially Moscow. A dream of mine would ride the Trans-Siberian Railway.
D. Never been to Russia – but big plans for the future to travel there and other countries…I think it`s the same with all bands.
Какие места в ваших родных странах вы советуете посетить русским туристам? (What places in your home countries you advise Russian tourists to visit?)
R. (Spain) I recommended visit all the country, also the islands too.
D. (Croatia-Austria) I am Croatian, but I live in Austria since there was the war…. So my suggestions are Croatia in general… For Austria I can recommend Innsbruck, Salzburg and especially GRAZ as good city for young people of alternative style.
Каково кредо вашей команды? (What is the motto of your crew?)
R. It is two: Swing-Swing-Swingdigentes!   (We scream it in the final of the show)
Music – No Problem! (Take it from a drunken man in Turkey, when the police stop the show).
Что вы посоветуете молодым творческим людям для достижения успеха? (What do you advise to young creative people to achieve success?)
D. WORK seriously. All people have plans and fantasies….but if you want them to become reality, you must work. The fun comes anyway along the way….
R. Follow your heart, your wishes and live it.
Наш проект еще молод и заинтересован в творческих и стильных людях для совместной работы. Кого ты можешь нам посоветовать? (Our project is still young and looking for interesting, creative and stylish people to work together. Whom would you advise us?)
D. Well….depends what do you need??? I think I can only provide you my help, as I studied communication sciences – I am not a journalist, but I know the work of research and interviews….I am interested a lot into photography, I do designs, I am specialized in social networking….so if you need or want anything…contact me, thank you.
R. Thanks for the interview and for your time, Dasha!
It’s a pleasure for me told about «Swingdigentes» and for me experience in it.



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